If you are a Church, Church Café, Coffee House, or a Café please contact Rising Hope today to learn more about our “Cup of Hope” program. You can help us “Build the Freedom Ranch one cup at a time” just by the Coffee you choose to serve. Benefits of this program include the free use of our marketing materials featuring The Newsboys & Debbie Griffith from Everyday Matters as they lend their voices to bring awareness to the Crisis of Human Trafficking. This free marketing will also include all future endorsements from artist’s joining the Rising Hope Coffee Team. Another benefit is the ability to purchase our coffee at wholesale prices and provide Rising Hope Coffee with a small fee per cup. This is an amazing way to help support such a wonderful non-profit ministry. Human Trafficking is a crisis against “Humanity” that must be stopped. It crosses all continents and all borders, and has a presence in every state in the USA. Let’s stand together against this Social injustice and make informed decisions on the products we choose to purchase and serve. Everyone has the ability to make a difference in the life of another and every cup of coffee through Rising Hope helps to make progress as we hope to abolish and say “NO” to human trafficking.

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